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Welcome To The Mastery Series

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The Plan for the Mastery Series:

 Everyday new masterclasses will be released where you can learn about the topic and dive deeper into the content with the gifts from the speakers

 There were Live Q&A in the Facebook group where we reflected on the content and answer your questions. Join the Facebook group to watch the recordings.

If you’d like to get lifetime access to the series, you can get the full bundle for only $297. 

The Event Calendar

Day 1: Starting With The Right Mindset

Dr Anita Jackson

How to start with the right mindset & strategically plan

Kerri Kannan

How to uncover the Divine Within You to overcome inner and outer limitations

Brad Axelrad

How to identify your fears, face it &  leverage it

Nina Cooke

How to overcome your fears

Russell Harvey

How to be resilient to achieve success in your coaching business

Day 2: Creating

Your Group Coaching Program

Tom Matzen

How to create a transformational high-ticket program

Tracy Sherriff

How to create a highly engaging group coaching program

Day 3: Marketing

Your Group Coaching Program

Andrey Polston

How to fill your group coaching program

Dave Farrow

How to generate traffic to your program through publicity

John Nemo

How to build relationships & get clients through LinkedIn

Jake Jorgovan

How to generate leads from Linkedin within 30 days

Day 4: Selling

Your Group Coaching Program

LaTisha Styles

How to create and sell a high-ticket group coaching program

Kate Beeders

How to sell a group coaching program & overcome your fears

Day 5: Delivering

Your Group Coaching Program

Megan Harrison

How to take your group coaching program platform to the next level

Nathalie Doremieux

How to deliver your group coaching program and increase engagement

Day 6: Structures & More

Valerie Del Grosso

How to be legally protected when you offer a group coaching program

Phoenix Muranetz

How to create a brand that reflects your personality and coaching business

Catarina Andrade

How to balance life, family & your coaching business

Audra Baker

How to overcome self sabotaging behaviour & build healthy habits

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